Sarah from London


Sarah :)

SUNSEA 2tone linen T came to her hand from the secret man :P

Goooood fou u !! wow lucky !!

はじめて会った Sarah、

強引に話してでっかい声で大笑いするわたしとは大違い…( ̄o ̄)



I want to see u again :)
Commented by いさお at 2012-06-06 13:55 x
The uni I'm working for has currently had three students from Denmark but they say it's really difficult to get acquainted with other Japanese students partly because the languages they speak are different but
mostly Japanese students are way too shy worrying about if they speak proper English and so on. But as you did, the most important thing as for making GAIJIN friends would be an attitude to bridge the gap even if you ain't good at speaking English. So you did the right thing fo sho!
Commented by sun3-sea4 at 2012-06-09 11:57
ISAO-sensei !!

The uni students that have a very MOTTAINAI !!
I am full of fail until now so I am not afraid a small fail :P ( just kidding!! )

When i went to NYC there was shopping at the store,
i sad...please excuse my poor English...
The girl said to me '' No worry !! everyone don't care in here!! Speak?can't speak ? is not a problem. enjoy !!''

I decided to enjoy my poor English then :) hahaha

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